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ACIM Musical Text

Thousands of people will experience the Text of A Course In Miracles in a very new way in 2016. How would it feel to actually sit beside Jesus as he shares the most transformative spiritual teaching in history? More info...


ACIM Musical Workbook

Last year over 10,000 people registered for the entire year of FREE musical lessons. This year the program is offered once again as a gift celebrating the 50th anniversary year. More info / Register...

A Course In Miracles Musical TEXT

Thousand of people enjoyed the musical lessons from A Course In Miracles. They all agreed on one important thing - Singing dramatically increases the impact of the 365 lessons. 

2015 marked ACIM’s 50th anniversary, and the musical workbook was an important part of the celebration. 2016 promises to be another powerful year as we embody Jesus’ message of enlightenment. 

Join us for a full year of the
A Course In Miracles Musical Text

You have to hear this to believe it…

Imagine you’re sitting next to a fire when you feel the presence of someone standing behind you, someone you know very well ~ Jesus. He sits down and speaks to you in such an intimate voice, so full or love and wisdom. These are the secret lessons Jesus shared with his closest friends 2,000 years ago, and now he shares them with you. These lessons allow you to feel as if you’re hearing this wisdom for the first time, and that it is Jesus himself who shares it.

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You can register to receive an entire year of the ACIM Musical Text right now. When you do you’ll receive a daily email with a downloadable link with approximately two pages of the Text. You will also be part of a worldwide community of people who have completely committed themselves to this transformative path, as well as access to daily conference calls, and a wide variety of other programs, songs and lessons. 

The Musical ACIM Workbook will remain a GIFT…

It is our privilege to continue offering the ACIM Workbook at no cost. It’s our gift to the world! We will, however, be asking for donations for the Musical ACIM Text. In fact, every donation will go to a very special project ~ the production of a web-series called A Chorus In Miracles, due to be releases in mid 2016. Though we already have the distribution set for the series, we still need to raise the funds to complete the first several episodes, approximately $50,000. We are using this project to both share the ACIM Musical Text, as well as raise the funds we need to share the message of A Course In Miracles to a wider audience.

And there’s a special bonus for everyone who contributes to this special program. 

Two months ago, James Twyman recorded an entire Irish Christmas CD in one night! The miraculous music has never been shared in its entirety, until now. Anyone who contributes to the ACIM Musical Text will also receive a downloadable version of “A Course In Miracles Irish Christmas,” just in time for the Holiday Season. What a great way to end 2015 and begin 2016.

The cost for an entire year of ACIM Musical Text recordings is only $90, which includes the Irish Christmas CD. And don’t forget, you can download all the lessons to enjoy for years to come.

A Course In Miracles Musical WORKBOOK

Last year 19,000 people registered to receive James Twyman's musical ACIM Workbook lessons. The response was overwhelming! Singing made the experience much deeper and helped people integrate the lessons like never before. Now you can register for the musical lessons at no cost. You'll receive an email once a week with the links for the lessons, and it's our gift to you. 

If you weren't among the thousands of people who enjoyed the Musical Workbook last year, this is your opportunity. If you would like to hear a sample lesson, simply click the link below:

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